International Congress of 21st Century Islamic World: A Strategic Perspective

In an age of global interconnectedness in which myriad individual and social narratives are unleashed and multi dimensional challenges quiver on the horizon, there exists an indispensably urgent need and growing tendency on the part of various intellectuals of the civilized world, to be conscientiously concerned about Islamic world and thus proposing a multitude of different remedies and solutions for the amelioration, betterment of human condition, adopting different policies and approaches for relieving human suffering and predicament on the global scale, and thus bringing peace and stability to Islamic world, which is deemed crucial for the enhancement of human civilization on earth as well as for the deliverance and salvation of mankind as a whole.
It is a fact that globalization has contributed in recent years to various geostrategical developments and events happening around different geographies of the world, making it necessary for building up dialogue across a wide spectrum of global landscapes as part of a historical legacy for peace and stability to be established through cooperation, which has been hailed as a convention lasting from the Ottoman times up to the present day. It is however unfortunate that spiraling insurgencies & conflicts especially in the Middle East, further complicate the existing problems wrought by economic instability, unfavorable circumstances making it difficult for developments to be made in science and technology, education, administration; furthermore, ethnic conflicts, sectarian conflicts, immigration, deprivation and misery, fragmentation, division and many other problems are gradually becoming more intense and pervasive in Islamic world, making us much more concerned about impending  predicaments. Based on these premises, the elimination of these concerns could undoubtedly be possible only when the problems are identified correctly and the proposals for solutions are produced and implemented wisely.
As part of a precious initiative supported by our country we want to organize an international congress tittled as International Congress of 21st Century Islamic World: A Strategic  Perspective (Opportunities, Possibilities, Developments, Challenges, Solution Proposals) within joint initiative of Yüzüncü Yıl University, Van, Turkey and host a respectful delegation here,  undertaking responsibility, The congress aims to strengthen the international co-operation, mutual understanding and dialogue, through sharing, dissemination and manifestation of quintessentially important ideas of academics- intellectuals from around the world, who closely follow the scientific and intellectual agenda of Islamic world and who are currently doing research on the Islamic world with a zest to share their views, thoughts, visions and research findings related to the issues to be addressed within the framework of topics mentioned in the following, Therefore we are overwhelmingly hopeful and have a firm belief that the congress will provide ample opportunity for establishing such conventions and platforms prospectively in order to be able to build a much better world and contribute to paving the way for human flourishing.
We believe that mutual understanding and dialogue in mitigating conflicts and nurturing goodwill for peaceful co-existence of humanity would be the fundamental prerequisite for inclusive development of islamic world as well as for the whole humanity, and that open, respectful, and equitable dialogue would be essential in these times of paradigmatic shifts and uncertainties in order have an adequate understanding of the urgent need to express and emphasize the precious contributions of the Islamic civilization to the glabal- cultures on a universal basis. We would therefore like to promote better understanding and dialogue between Muslim people and people of other faiths and cultural backgrounds;
 A deep insight into these ideas could be inculcated with various viewpoints, using a variety of quintessentially valuable arguments and perspectives. Presentations can have an interdisciplinary character, all participants representing different fields and disciplines are invited to honor the initiative. The Congress will be organized on11-13 May 2017 in Van, Turkey. The countries included within the scope of the congress have been listed in the subsequent parts of this announcement. Conferences- presentations within the scope of the congress will be conducted in Turkish, English, Russian and Arabic, which will be accompanied by simultaneous translation.